Hello ~

I’m a designer with over 12 years of professional experience designing for digital products along side over 20 years of design study. I'm hired for my creative thinking and problem solving skills along side my ability to manifest that thinking into effective visual solutions.

My curiosity and tenacity for learning new things allows me to utilize a wide range of skills in order to provide a compelling yet thoughtful experience.

While my focus is typically from the visual side of product design and development, I believe that a multi-disciplinary approach through active collaboration leads to the best overall product.

Looking for design help, but not sure when to ask for it?

Basically, as soon as words need turning into images or information needs visualizing. For example:

  • UI system needs updating.
  • A new feature requires "exploratory" coverage.
  • Visual development art for a new world.
  • Creative workflows need re-evaluating.
  • Personality through delightful graphics.
  • Fresh eyes >.> and constant ideation ^___^

Whatever stage your project or product is at feel free to
get in touch


Most recently I was production manager and content lead for animation, gaming and digital products at Creative Associates and led the creative design review for "Peanuts In Space" and "Snoopy In Space". I also managed the creative workload of a small team of amazing artists and writers.

Previously, I was a Sr. Visual Designer at YouTube for over 7 years where I worked on all kinds of product initiatives such as the visual re-design of YouTube Studio.

Prior to all that, I've been a lead artist/designer & art director for web games and products; directing artists and animators while visualizing worlds and product identities.

// A more in-depth process portfolio available upon request. //